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They acted like crabs without heads – Allotey Jacobs slams NDC executives over his dismissal.



They acted like crabs without heads – Allotey Jacobs slams NDC executives over his dismissal. 46



Allotey Jacobs was sacked by the NDC for breaching the party’s regulations

•He claims to have resign from the party before the party sacked him

•He has hit back at the leadership of the party

Bernard Allotey Jacobs, the former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress has berated the leadership of the party over his dismissal.

Allotey Jacobs in an Okay FM interview said that the party’s executive failed to show conscience when they decided to fire him for the party.

According to him, he had already resigned from the party before the statement of his dismissal was made public.

“I left the party and they hypocritically and sycophantically came out with a statement that they’ve sacked me. That was absolute stupidity on their part. They acted as if they had no brains like crabs without heads. I won’t retract, they were just stupid,” he said.

Allotey Jacobs reminded the current leadership that the party is not their property and just as the founder himself has left the party to join his maker, they will at some point leave the party.

“Even the founder of the party and his wife are no longer around. Some people have hijacked the party and when you make an objective comment they claim it to be an anti-party behaviour”.

Allotey Jacobs, who now prides himself as a social commentator added that he will continue to speak on national issues.

“I don’t care what they do now because I’ve grown to a certain stage. I have decided that I’ll be objective on national issues. If Nana Addo does something positive, I will say it. If it’s negative, I will say it.

“Recently when the Agyeman-Manu issue broke, I spoke against it. I won’t be selective. ET Mensah is a founding member of the NDC and Hudu Yahaya and Kojo Mahama were all part of founding the party.

Allotey Jacobs was fired by the NDC in March this year over alleged acts of indiscipline.

A statement announcing his expulsion reads “at our meeting on Wednesday 17th March 2021, the Functional Executive Committee of the NDC considered the report and recommendations of the Disciplinary Committee on the case or misconduct and anti-party behaviour brought against you Mr. Allotey Jacobs pursuant to articles 48(I) (b) and 8 (b) of the NDC Constitution.”

“The Committee’s report which is herein attached for your attention found you guilty of the said allegations of misconduct, anti-party conduct and recommended among other things your immediate expulsion from the party. The Functional Executive Committee acting in compliance with Article 48(1) of the NDC Constitution has unanimously adopted the report and accepts fully its recommendation for your expulsion from the party.”