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Thief seen on top of street light to escape beating.



Thief seen on top of street light to escape beating. 56



A thief who was not ready to take sound beatings for his nefarious activities quickly sorted himself out momentarily with a clever trick.

According to the report which is emerging from Kenya, the suspected thief climbed a street light pole to save his life after a mob nearly descended on him.

From the report shared on Twitter, we gathered that the incident reportedly occurred in Meru County.

We have no idea what he stole or how he was pursued prompting him to endanger his life by climbing the tall pole.

A tweep @KIFARUreloaded who was present when the incident happened claims the thief stayed on the pole for two days as a crowd gathered and waited for him to come down.

The corresponding photo captures the moment the thief perched comfortably on top of the pole while an anxious crowd gathered around to see how the event would unfold later.

”A thief climbs and stays on the street light pole in Meru for two days to escape beating. But we are still here,” he wrote.