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Threat to kill Police: A-Plus dares Dampare to arrest powerful Lebanese owner of Zein Security.



Threat to kill Police: A-Plus dares Dampare to arrest powerful Lebanese owner of Zein Security. 56

Social Commentator Kwame A Plus has dared the Inspector General of Police (IGP) George Akuffo Dampare to arrest one power Lebanese called Hassan who in some time past threatened to kill Uniformed Police Officers.

According to A Plus, George Akuffo Dampare was prevented from arresting Hassan then because he was not the IGP but now he is the IGP and like Medikal was arrested for brandishing a gun on social media, Hassan should be dealt with in the same vein.

A Plus said Hassan is a very powerful man in Ghana because he allegedly has all Ghanaian politicians in his pocket and therefore does what he wants and go free without questioning from any quarters.

The Social Commentator Kwame A Plus also alleged that Hassan paid $600,000 to someone at the Jubilee House so that his security company will be given a contract and he intends to expose the person in the coming days.

Apart from this, A Plus alleges that Hassan has held a family to ransom as he intends to take over their property after the death of their father; something he will fight with all the might in him to avoid.

His Statement Read:

Dr Dampare, do you remember this guy? This is Hassan, the Lebanese who pulled a gun and threatened to kill Ghanaian Police officers somewhere in Accra. Israel Layea of Joy News has the video.

You remember how you were prevented from arresting this guy because you were not IGP then? How many Ghanaians can go to Lebanon and threaten to kill police officers and be walking free? Thank God you are the IGP now. Crime has no expiry date. You have to arrest him.

Hassan, I hear you have almost every politician in your pocket so you are untouchable. Nobody told you about A Plus errrh!! You see those politicians who are supporting you to fool in our country? All of them are afraid of me!! If they try I’ll release their secrets. I’m coming after you and they can’t help you!!

I have every information on you including the 600 thousand dollars you claim to have given to someone at the office of the president to ensure that your company, Zein Security wins the security contract at the airport. I’m going to take your issues one after the other. It’s going to be a long ride trust me.

Medikal was arrested for just showing a gun. Hassan has to be arrested for pulling a gun at police officers and threatening to kill them. You are not a Ghanaian. We won’t allow you to intimidate our people. Everybody on Facebook knows that I’ve fought for voiceless people. I won’t allow you to take a dead man’s house from his poor Ghanaian children.

I’m talking about the white house. I’ve done this for many people. I’ve never lost. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be the first person to win against me. But trust me, it won’t be easy.

I’m going to bed. We shall continue when I wake up?