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Tipper Truck Falls To The Ground At Brafoyaw Due To Bad Road.



Tipper Truck Falls To The Ground At Brafoyaw Due To Bad Road. 1

The land of Brafoyaw is made of a Ridge and Valley. While majority of the inhabitants of Brafoyaw live on the Ridge, quite a substantial number also live in the valley of the community.

One major concern of the inhabitants of the valley are the lack of gutters and bad roads. This problem is worsened by the usual problem in Ghana where most of our communities spring up without proper layout or plan.

Speaking to Mr. Mbir, resident of Brafoyaw, he said they have incessantly complained to the AAK Assembly for help but nothing has come out of it. “Indeed my daughter has written letters to the assembly enumerating our problems, but still, all those concerns have fallen on death ears”.

According to Mr. Mbir, when it rains, most of the houses in the valley are filled with refuse that are carried by the runoff water descending from the ridge. “It is very stressful anytime it rains”. “This is because, the refuse that fills our houses are a mixture of toilet, panties and sometimes used pads of ladies” the resident stated. In addition, he added all these have come about because there are not gutters within the valley to direct and carry runoff water.

Today when the accident happened due to the poor nature of the road, the driver had to spend man hours waiting for all the goods to be offloaded. Afterwards he had to get a colleague driver with a tipper car to help raise his car that had fallen on the floor of the road.

As at the time I was leaving the accident scene, the poultry droppings had been covered with tarpaulin and polythene sheets to protect it against the rain.

This is the sad state of most of our budding communities that are springing up in most of our districts. Lack of good roads, portable water, proper layout, lack of drainage facilities among others are bedeviling inhabitants of Brafoyaw and other communities within Ghana.

The irony of all this according to Mr. Mbir is that “We are among the first persons the AAK officials would come and take their property rate but when it comes to our needs, nothing happens”.

The residents of Brafoyaw are only hoping that the Assembly would listen to their plight and come to their aid.

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