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Twene Jonas responds to critics asking him to apologize, reigns more insults – (Video).



Twene Jonas responds to critics asking him to apologize, reigns more insults - (Video). 46



Social commentator, Twene Jonas has responded to critics who have asked him to apologize to the Asantehene, Otumfuor Osei Tutu II, for raining insults on the Monarch.

In a viral video which is making rounds on social media, Twene Jonas noted that he is not scared about any threat from anybody. Therefore, he will continue to descend on the chiefs and leaders if they are mismanaging the country. According to him, if asking the chiefs to do the right thing will be the reason why they will threaten him, then, they are “foolish”.

“Honestly I don’t care about anyone’s foolishness. When you do the wrong thing i’ll slam you. All those being scared about me insulting someone and being in trouble please don’t worry about it. Because I am not even bothered about it in the first place. If they are fools then indeed, they are fools. If they have any reason to harass me then it will be because I told them to do their work diligently. Are you [kings] wise at all?”

Jonas further reigned more unprintable words on the kings in Ghana who are involved in illegal mining. He stated that they are “sick” and he needs to tell them or else they will continue with illegal miming. Twene Jonas kept reiterating that for selling their lands for illegal mining to prevail, to cause the destruction of water bodies, the kings and chiefs are unwise.

“Foolish, if you are a king and galamsey is prevailing on your land, and the water bodies are being destroyed, and you are being stupid, and I am telling you to stop being stupid, then you come out and complain about me insulting the king.  Which king is so unwise like this, that he will wait for all the water bodies in his city to be destroyed? Then you the king I am sorry you are sick; you are sick and I have to tell you.

“So every king that is involved in galamsey and is allowing them to destroy the water bodies in Ghana, and because of that your natives are not having portable water, then you that king is foolish.  I am not even going to say excuse me but you are just sick. You are ill! Any king who has sold his land for galamsey, and you’ve helped them in destroying the water bodies and your natives are suffering, that king is unwise and foolish”.

He also mentioned that whoever feels attacked by him should just do the right thing so that he won’t descend on them. He also added that the President should instruct those burning the excavators to put a stop to it since they can be sold or used for something else.

“And so, whoever it attacks and you don’t like it, I don’t care. Don’t come on me with your foolishness. If you can’t take the heat and the truth then don’t come at me with your foolishness. You are sick, I am telling you. I am not here to even be polite about the issue, I am coming straight at you. So just do the right thing so I don’t attack you. Just learn how to be wise so I don’t descend on you. And tell Akuffo Addo that he should give instructions that they stop burning the excavators”.