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Two Repented Armed Robbers Narrate They Often Succeeded In Attacking Victims.



Two Repented Armed Robbers Narrate They Often Succeeded In Attacking Victims. 1


Have you wondered how armed robbers often succeed in attacking victims?

Two reformed armed robbers have revealed the modus operandi of criminals in the Ghanaian society.

According to them, the initial plan of action is to access information on targeted houses.

To make their attacks on victims easier, they make friends and closely monitor people who live in the targeted community.

“We monitor homes without security personnel, dogs or burglar-proof to rob. Before any robbery, we lure individuals in communities to reveal information about targeted victims,” one of them told Luv Fm.

“We have gotten weapons to break into any house, whether burglar-proof or not. The strong China doors used by many, we have developed tools to break it down. We take days or months to monitor specific houses to attack”.

One of the reformed robbers who is an ex-convict claims they are provided weapons by some police officers and colleague robbers.

“Weapons used during operations are sold in Suame Magazine. Some army officers have liaised with criminals. They sell guns to criminals.  Many are classmates of the armed robbers. We are aware of some recruited police and military officers who were once criminals,” he revealed.

The criminals claim that they also get some form of spiritual fortification to help them escape any situation.

“We have spiritual backings which help us disappear or become invisible. We are bulletproof, stone-proof, knife-proof. There is no incident of we (sic) being caught. We are able to disappear in critical situations,” they said.

And if identified by victims, they shoot to kill.

“Before operations, we take in drugs like cocaine, tramadol and wee. That gives us more energy. Heinous crimes committed are done under the influence of these drugs. We kill without mercy,” they admitted.

The two; one currently preacher of the Gospel, say they joined gangs due to the hardships of life.

After working for some time as a bus conductor (trotro mate) he was involved in an accident and subsequently couldn’t find work. Having mouths to feed and bills to pay, he then decided to join a robbery and out of frustration.

“I had no one to send me to school. I had baby mamas and children I couldn’t fend for. Life was tough for me. I could not find any menial job around. I walked up to the ring leader of the gang by myself and I asked to join them,” said the other.

The call to quit his career as an armed robber came when the gang leader died during a robbery operation.

He advised the public to be security-conscious in sharing personal information with people they hardly know.

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