Video: A Member Of My Staff Poisoned Me – Mr. Ibu.

Nollywood actor Mr Ibu has dismissed rumors’ that an obsession with alcohol led to his stomach protruding.

Speaking in an interview, he revealed that he was poisoned by his enemies through his staff.

Explaining how he was fed the poison, Mr Ibu said a member of his staff had put some substances in his lunch one day at work.

After consuming the food, he vomited numerous times and had to be rushed to the hospital by his dancers whom he had called on for help.

A health screening revealed a slow poison had been laced with the food the had eaten, Mr Ibu added.

“I do not take alcohol, but my tummy started protruding. I took different medicines before it started coming down,” he stated.

The actor said he was left with no option than to sack all his workers and employ his sister to take over his business while he was recuperating.

However, Mr Ibu said he has forgiven all his enemies and the only one they have to face is his God who stepped in.

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