Video; Kennedy Agyapong Tears Ibra 1 Apart Promises To Deal With Him in 48 Hours

Ibrahim Dauda popularly known as Ibrah one recently dared the Member of Parliament on one of his social media handles to respond to him within 24 hours, if he claims to be perfect and is not afraid of him.

In response to that, the  Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong has promised to let the Ghana security arrest him in 2 days.

Mr. Agyapong speaking on “The Seat” show on Net 2 TV,  hinted that Ibrah One is NDC an boy of which all the cars he has been using was illegally acquired and did not pay custom duty.

“He is a fraud boy and the most serious thing is he has a forex bureau and uses that for money laundering. Every bank that the boy saves with, we’re going to investigate,” Mr Agyapong charged.

He explained that Ibrah One has an offshore account and immediately someone deposits the money into his offshore account and the depositor needs it in Ghana, then immediately he does the transaction in Ghana for the depositor’s receiver and vice versa without going through the proper legal transactions.

“You small boy…one of my cars can buy all of your cars. ‘sakawa Boy”

Ken also revealed that he has been monitoring Ibrah One for some time now and is aware of all his illegal dealings.

“You get nerves boy…,” the MP charged again.

“How dare you dare me 24 hours? A fraud boy been swollen headed with money want to dare me? All your fake cars are going to be ceased, be ready I’m coming for you. A small boy like you want to dare me? You are just a chicken! ”

“I will deal with  you because you are a criminal. You can hide the cars but if you do, you are not a man! ”

Watch Video Below;

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