Video: Popular Female TV and Radio presenter spotted on the streets selling Mangoes in Traffic

Adwoa Adubia News cannot tell if it is for the gram or just for fun, but it is sad as a viral video of an allegedly stranded popular Ghanaian female TV and radio presenter is spotted selling mangoes on the street to survive.

Life hasn’t been easy for people ever since the coronavirus pandemic especially here in Ghana. The hardship in Ghana keeps increasing day in and day out.

In a trending video posted on Instagram by Popular blogger @nkokonsa a very popular TV and radio presenter who goes by the name Cookieteegh was spotted carrying mangoes on her head wile shouting to attract buyers.

The lady was been recorded by a male colleague of hers while she serve the customers who came to purchase the fruit. She even offered the goods to a customer on credit.

It isnt confirmed if she really carried the mangoes on her head to sell or she just jokingly did it.

Check it out below

Click here to watch (Video)

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