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Video: White Police Officers Washing The Feet Of Black Protesters



white police officer

In a viral video which has been spotted online, a group of white police officers and quiet a number of civilians in North Carolina came together to surprisingly wash the feet of some black protesters all in the name of asking for forgiveness for the so many years of racism being meted of the black community. In the video, you could see the whites on their knees cleaning the feet of the protesters which i think is a bit weird.

Whiles they were cleaning the feet of the black protesters, you could hear a prayer being said at the background asking the whites to repent from their sins.

The man praying at the background could be heard saying there’s only one race of people but guess what, social media commentators after seeing the video reacted saying the washing of the feet wasn’t really necessary. Some were also of the view that washing the feet of these black protesters doesn’t really show equality but servitude.. Do you agree with these social media commentators and their comments..? Kindly let us know what you think at the comment section.


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