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Volta now reduced from a ‘world bank to microfinance’ for NDC – Sammi Awuku teases.



Volta now reduced from a ‘world bank to microfinance’ for NDC – Sammi Awuku teases. 46



Sammi Awuku the National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has reminded the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the Volta Region has now been reduced from a world bank to a microfinance.


According to him, the earlier the NDC comes to the reality that their previous hold of the Volta Region is over, the better for the party as residents are switching lanes and supporting the NPP with enthusiasm.

The National Organizer who was addressing a group of teachers in the Volta region covered by, indicated that the NPP which hitherto could not have access to the Volta region is now attractive to the people; an indication that the NDC’s hold of the region has waned.

He indicated that gradually, the NDC is losing its steam in the region and with time, the Volta region will fall wholeheartedly to the NPP.

“We refuse to be intimidated in this election. So if someone thinks its still a world bank and has forgotten that it has been reduced to a microfinance then the person has a problem. That is why the NDC is uncomfortable anytime we are making an entry into this region. The NDC is living on a very dangerous illusion.”

Over the years, the Volta Region has been the major votes bank for the opposition National Democratic Congress as far as winning parliamentary seats are concerned.

But Sammi Awuku has assured that the trend will change in 2020 as the NPP is poised to snatch a number of seats from the area taking into accounts its performance.