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Voter registration exercise slated for 12 September- EC to accept Ghana card, Passport.



Voter registration exercise slated for 12 September- EC to accept Ghana card, Passport. 60

The Electoral Commission is set to begin its limited voter registration exercise ahead of the upcoming District Level Elections.

At a Press Briefing, Thursday, August 17, 2023, the Commission’s Chairperson Jean Mensa stated that “article 42 of the 1992 constitution confers on every Ghanaian who is 18 and above and of sound mind the right to register to vote”, and article 45 (a) mandates the Electoral Commission to compile the register of voters at such periods that may be determined by law.” It is therefore imperative that they undertake the exercise in order to afford “Ghanaians  who have attained the age of 18 years since the last registration in 2020 and others who were more than 18 years at the time but for various reasons could not register during the 2020 registration the opportunity to do so.”

Mrs. Mensa announced that it would be using the amended version of the Public Elections (Registration of Voters) Regulation, 2016 (C.I. 91) in undertaking the exercise, adding, persons who will show up for the registration must ensure they fall within the qualification bracket.

The registration exercise will commence on Tuesday 12th September 2023 and end on  Monday the 2nd October 2023.  The exercise will be held between the hours of 8am and 5pm each day, including Saturdays and Sundays.

According to the EC chairperson, all applicants are “required to show proof of eligibility by tendering any of the following identification: A National Identification Card (Ghana Card) and Ghana Passport.” Applicants who do not have any of the identification documents listed, would be required to “present two people who are already registered voters to vouch for their citizenship and age.”

She warned that guarantors can vouch for only 10 applicants.

The registration will take place in all the 268 district offices of the commission, and Mrs Mensa said all of the commission’s staff at the districts i.e. the district electoral officers, assistant electoral officers, secretaries  and other stuff will serve as registration officers.

Suraya Alidu Malititi

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