We are not the mouthpiece of any political party-Peace Council to NDC

The National Peace Council says it will not be the mouthpiece of any political party in the country as the nation heads 2020 general election.

This comes after the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) labelled the Council ‘hypocritical’ for not openly condemning the ruling New Patriotic Party for what they say “are acts of violence at registration centres”.

“According to the NDC, “anytime there are issues, instead of them condemning the NPP for act of violence because of how they behave they end up adding the NDC to it, we will not accept it and we are telling them if the NPP is perpetuating violence and they can’t call them to order nobody should call anybody in the NDC to order,”

Reacting to comment on the Analyses on Starr FM, Chairman of the Peace Council Reverend Emmanuel Asante said the Council is surprised by the attacks.

“This is not a new thing, when NPP were in opposition they were saying same things about the council. National Peace Council is mediator we don’t do propaganda.  Exaggeration is an aspect of propaganda too. We cannot take sides. We have people all over the place so we have the full picture, the person who spoke on that platform cannot say he knows everything. You can’t expect us to take sides. We receive reports of both sides and both have cases to answer,” he told host Albert Quashigah.

He noted: “People want me to do their political propaganda for them and I’m not prepared to do that. The NPC will not be a political party, we will rather stand in the middle and help maintain peace”.

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