We Support The Developmental Agenda Of Dr. Ben Asante On Nzema Land- Ellembelle NPP Constituency Executives

Ellembelle NPP Constituency Executives has said that they support the developmental agenda Of Dr. Ben Asante On Nzema Land.

According to group, the content of a press conference organized by a group of NDC surrogates referring to themselves as Nzema Youth is riddled with factual inaccuracies and tribal bigotry purported to tarnish the image of Dr. Ben Asante the CEO of Ghana Gas

A statement issued by the group said “They sought to create the impression that we the Nzemas are being denied employment opportunities under reign of Dr. Asante, this assertion beat our imagination since it is clear that the number of Nzemas in the company have more than doubled and expanded to cover all the three Nzema Districts-namely Ellembelle, Jomoro and Nzema East under the leadership of Dr. Asante.  If these simple checks were done by the so-called group, they would have recused themselves from making those ethnocentric statement to create the impression that all Nzema Youth are involved in this divisive tendency”

“To set the records straight we will like highlight a few of the good intention of the current CEO towards Nzemas”

They continued to say that Under the current CEO, the Community Relation Department of Ghana Gas is dominated by personnel from locality and headed by two Senior Managers all of them Nzemas, which was not the case under the previous regime.

Dr. Ben Asante, who the group claim is anti Nzema has instituted a support scheme for Traditional Council Meetings in all the three Nzema districts to ensure that Awulayemo and Nanamon are supported in their quarterly meetings. The CEO has also made a personal commitment to attend all Kundum Festivals in all the Paramountcies.

“Our checks at Ghana Gas indicates that most of the local contracts including CSR projects are awarded to local contractors to build their capacity in the world of business”

The group alluded that the A3 Association are working for Ghana Gas without getting paid.  This statement is very pathetic to say the least, the salaries of A3 association has been increased by 120% under Dr. Ben Asante

The fact still remains that, the CEO who the Branch organiser of the NDC sought to denigrate is establishing an LPG Cylinder Recirculation Bottling Plant at Axim in the Nzema East District which is targeted to open up the local economy of the area. Again, we are fully contribution of Dr. Ben Asante towards the establishment a fertilizer Plant at Jomoro which is expected to jobs for the youth of Nzemaland.  As we speak contractors are on site undertaking feasibility studies on Ghana – Cote d’lvoire which will definitely create employment.   Is such a person an anti Nzema?

Again, on community support, Dr. Ben Asante through his Community Relations Department registered and renewed over five thousand (5000) health insurance cards for people leaving in   the Projected Affected Communities and planning to double the figure to about ten thousand (10000) this year. We were beneficiaries of health screening exercise which was recently organised by Ghana Gas for the immediate affected communities.

Also, all CSR projects, i.e.  4 Units Teachers’ Quarters and Ultra-Modern KG facility at Asemda and a 4 Unit Teachers’ Anokyi   has been completed and commissioned by Dr. Ben Asante. We are reliably informed that same projects including a 20-seater toilet facility has been approved to be constructed at Atuabo.

“We also bear witness to the fact that, the current CEO has exhibited his love for sports to the two major teams in the Nzeland by extending financial support to them. The CEO has finally absorbed the salaries of Karela FC players to keep the team afloat after the unfortunate demise of the owner. Once again how can such a generous person be labelled as an anti Nzema? We leave the judgement to the general public”.

“We have also sighted documents which indicates that Ghana Gas is in the process of instituting Scholarship, Mentorship and Skills Training Schemes for Project Affected Communities and almost all the project affected communities are fully aware”

Now, to the demands of the ubiquitous NDC Youth of Nzema, how on earth can two communities out of eighty-three (83) Project Affected Communities of Ghana Gas demand 40% of employment quota, 40% of National Service Personnel, 40% of unskilled labour etc.?. The question then is, what happens to the rest of the eighty-one (81) impacted communities and the nation at large?   Critical analysis of their demands postulate that either those involved in this adventure do not actually understand what they are setting out to achieve or it was borne out of malice.

Mr. Awotwe once an NDC organiser and his group needlessly extended their vituperation and unwarranted attack on our highly respected paramount chief, Awulaye Amihere Kpanyili (III). This is total disrespect and disregard to traditional authorities from a youth group seeking to undermine the authority of the overlord of Eastern Nzema.  This portrays the caliber of people who claim to be fighting for the cause of Nzemas.

To conclude, we encourage Dr. Ben Asante to stay focus and implement the good policies and programmes earmark for Project Affecteted Communities and ensure that Ghanaians enjoy an interrupted Gas supply for reliable power generation.







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