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What is keeping Mahama silent now? Kwain Isaac writes



What is keeping Mahama silent now? Kwain Isaac writes 1

So even in this modern Ghana, people can still pretend to be ignorant? I can’t believe the former president didn’t know what he was doing all along was inappropriate and undeserving of him until the vice president stepped in.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, every weekly updates the president gave to the nation through television broadcast, JM held similar broadcasts on Facebook to misbehave. JM ran these parallel broadcasts with the president till the vice president cautioned and counselled him to speak with accurate economic data anytime he feels like criticising government on the economy. This brotherly advice nearly suffocated the rank and file of the NDC to death.

Political watchers thought the former president really meant business in criticizing government, but it seems what the former president was doing was their usual vague propaganda tactics of no real value. After the vice president’s intervention after the president’s 8th Address to the nation, the former president quickly coiled back and since after the president’s 9th Address, it appears either Mahama is neither in the country nor head anything about the 9th Address. Has he obliged to Dr. Bawumia’s advice and is still looking for the appropriate data to come or he has repented?

As political animals, people are speculating and asking whether it is the Airbus Scandal that has been revived by the UK Sun Newspaper that is keeping him away from running another 9th parallel broadcast with the president.

A cross-section of Ghanaians also hold the view that the difficulty in getting a suitable running mate has now taken the better part of the former president such that national issues mean nothing to him, hence, he sees nothing, hears nothing and says nothing now.

Whichever the reasons for his long and loud silence, his spokespersons or party communicators will help us know. If it is that he is paying heed to the wise counsel from his younger brother, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, a nice change of attitude.

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