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Why Africa has a few creative intellectuals.



Why Africa has a few creative intellectuals. 56



The sad thing about African questions is that they’re almost always NEGATIVE!

Africans are super creative.

A majority of those our creative intellectuals live in obscurity & largely unrecognized because of course, our government doesn’t invest in anything that’s not connected to their own pockets.

We have our problems, just like every country in the world but somehow, we’re never forgiven.

We never rise beyond the negative, impoverished perception the world holds of us despite miles of achievement.

Also, such beliefs about Africa usually assumes that we’re a homogeneous, mono-cultural group who are nothing but a tiny dot on the map.

I’m an African from Nigeria.

I’m from the Nigerian Igbo tribe known to be highly entrepreneurial.

When I was younger, I lived in a luxury area in the SE part of Nigeria.

It was dominated by Igbos who were into:

  • Textiles & paint.
  • Motorcycle spare parts.
  • Running their own schools.
  • Computer education.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Local bakeries, quarrying, local sugar, cement, rice, agricultural industries & more.
  • Various forms of importation businesses for electronic generators, home appliances, (luxury) fashion, rice, & other items found in many Nigerian homes.

How did you dream up that there’s no creativity in these ventures?

The Hausas might not have a majority of educated lot because their religion affects them that way.

However, a majority of agricultural products come from that part of the country.

Do you know what this means? Do you know the population of Nigeria? 186 million! Where do you get off thinking there’s no creativity in this feat?

For the Yorubas, they’ve got the service industries like: banks, telecommunications, & many businesses covered in many parts of the country.

I guess you’re viewing creativity in comparison to the western countries like the United States.

What you fail to realize is that just like everyone is not the same – else, I’d compare you to Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, countries aren’t same either.

Apart from many inherent cultural, environmental or geographical factors which defines countries, Africa is doing the best it can with the hand it’s been dealt.

Yes, we can criticize corrupt leaders & their mismanagement of funds but that’s getting a bit old.

Africa is charting a course different from the rest of the world because we’re Africans not Americans or Europeans.

You might not see it now because we’re blinded by comparisons but it’s happening in our own way.