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Why people hate Andrew Tate.



Why people hate Andrew Tate. 53



Because apparently he isn’t just an abrasive influencer with a business fueled by his chronic need for attention… in fact the truth is a little darker, a little more twisted — Andrew Tate is a full-on human trafficker. Police in Romania have arrested him for it before but couldn’t prove it initially. Afterwards, Tate went undercover. Laid low for a while. He was still in Romania, but wasn’t giving clues as to where exactly he was staying.

Why people hate Andrew Tate. 54

Everything changed when he got into a Twitter spat with teenaged climate activist Greta Thunberg. Tate tried to “troll” her by showing off his car collection and bragging about their “enormous emissions”. Thunberg shot back by telling him he was an insecure attention seeker with a tiny penis. Of course, Tate made a video response — he notoriously relishes in attention and more clicks equals more pay for him. Dude couldn’t help himself. So he makes this video, and in it he has a pizza box, because he’s still on that “haha I’m not recycling, screw the environment!” spiel to rile up the 19-year-old Swedish nature lover.

Why people hate Andrew Tate. 55

Romanian police is still watching Tate, monitoring his every move online and figure out from the box of pizza that the pizza place he bought it is local. As he’s hidden his IP quite well, they track his location using the pizza. Figuring out where he is, the police send in a team and arrest both Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate. They also free six young sex slaves from their mansion, allegedly held against their will and forced to make videos and R-rated content for buyers around the world. As I’m writing this, the cigar-smoking self-help guru is held in police custody as his entire home and all his belongings are being raided and evidence collected.

Andrew Tate is hated because he’s cocky, arrogant, and his business model primarily consists of causing outrage and mining clicks from it. Naturally this method of courting controversy in exchange for money will result in a lot of people finding you rather obnoxious. It worked brilliantly for him until one day, it didn’t… and a juvenile exchange with an awkward little Swedish climate activist became Tate’s downfall.