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Why Saudi Arabia and the UAE refusing even to take Joe Biden’s phone call.



Why Saudi Arabia and the UAE refusing even to take Joe Biden's phone call. 49



During president Biden’s campaign, he promised to make Saudi Arabia a “Pariah” when he gets elected as a president.

When he became president, he “calibrated” the US relations with Saudi Arabia, and so he refused to deal with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and acted against the security of Saudi Arabia by delisting the Houthis, a terrorist group backed by Iran, from the terrorist list. He also withdrew American Patriot missiles from Saudi Arabia when Saudi Arabia was under constant attack by the Iranian-backed Houthis.

This is not a reliable, trusted ally. This is a man that wants to alienate close allies (France was also betrayed by Biden when he convinced the Australians to abandon the French Submarines contract, and instead sign the contract with America. Another example is when he abandoned the Afghani government and recognized the Taliban—a listed terrorist group by the US for 20 years!).

A year later, it is president Biden who tried to call the Crown Prince (not the other way around) to seek the Saudis’ help to increase oil production because of the high oil price which drastically increased to $130 a barrel (mainly to survive in the 2024 elections as the American people are furious about Biden’s foreign policy, which has resulted in high oil prices). Naturally, the Crown Prince refused to take the call and increase oil production—a tit for tat. America is now on its own because of Biden’s actions.

The Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman was asked during an interview with The Atlantic if Biden misunderstood anything about him, he answered: “I simply do not care”.