Why she walked away


Why she walked away

Every woman wants to be in her FEMININE position. She wants to be the one who follows a strong leader. While on the surface it might seem like she wants to lead, deep down she is miserable being in that masculine role.

And if you make her lead, she will RESENT you for it.

That’s why it’s so important for you to understand how to take on the masculine role so that you maintain the chemistry SPARK in your relationships.

Mistake #5: Not Being Centered on Your Purpose

This one’s another sneaky problem that can lead to your girlfriend losing attraction for you. The mistake is not being centered on your purpose. Being on your purpose consists of goals, passions, and ambitions that you’re aiming for in the future. Anytime you lack a purpose, your girlfriend will start losing interest in you and be repulsed by your lack of masculine energy.

Now, this isn’t something she thinks about “logically.” It is built into her brain by mother nature. She will lose attraction for you “instinctively” without any way of explaining or understanding why it’s happening.

The problem with most men is that they make the WOMAN their purpose. Essentially, they deviate from their PATH, and become obsessed with the woman. But doing this makes you emotionally unstable because your emotions depend on the woman liking you.

It shows weakness. And once she realizes she is your world… she loses attraction, and it’s all over, In the surface, the woman might seem flattered by the fact that she is your world. But she will resent you for it! Instead, the woman wants you to already be on your purpose and she will tag along and join you on the journey you’re ALREADY in.

You see, having a purpose is a sign of masculine energy. Because masculine energy is always going somewhere. This purpose is your PATH.

It’s the life journey you’re constantly traveling on. You are the hero of this odyssey, and you MUST not take your eye off your goal.

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