Woman, Who are you?


You are the last born of the Almighty God. Wonderfully, beautifully and specially created to bring forth and nurture humans.

You contain the rib that completes a man, without you a man is never complete. You are adorned with beauty, intelligence and laughter. Your laughter alone lightens the heart of a man and takes his worries and sorrows away.

But why do you disregard yourself and despise your fellow women. Why don’t you hold your head up high for been created as a woman and shower praises on the other damsels around you.

Why don’t we empower ourselves but choose to backbite, hate and destroy ourselves. Are we that wicked?

The adage ‘’Women are their own enemies comes to mind”. Do we protect and look out for the best for ourselves or damage ourselves with our own actions and in-actions. What do we seek to achieve by bringing our fellow women down through any means possible.

Is it not joy and a form of satisfaction to see your fellow women progress steadily and shine in their chosen endeavors or fields.Wont it be best if we encourage ourselves and our daughters to be each other’s keeper.

Sister in law, what do you seek to achieve in tormenting your own brother’s wives because she’s not your blood and your own. Should she not enjoy her marriage because you are still in your parents’ house? Is that her doing? By destroying her home and happiness, will it add to your joy? Never so why the stress and jealousy.

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