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Women do better with investigative journalism – Corruption Watch.



Women do better with investigative journalism – Corruption Watch. 46



Corruption Watch investigator, Francisca Enchill is challenging more women to get into the field.

She opined that; women tend to do better as investigative journalists since they have greater intuition as compared to their male counterparts.

Speaking on the sidelines of an investigative journalism Bootcamp organised by the Media For West Africa Foundation, the ace journalist advised editors to be more accommodating in allowing women to venture into hard news and investigative journalism.

With over 10 years under her belt, the producer of the award-winning investigative piece, Pay or Die, an expose detailing the plight of pregnant women despite free maternal policy in public hospitals averred that with the right mentoring and exposure women do better as investigators.

“It’s rather unfortunate that women are not getting the opportunity to be groomed to become investigative journalists. But when you enter the field, you realise that we have so many advantages against the men. Because that intuition is something that men don’t have but women do have it…” She told GhanaWeb in an interview.

“It’s something that is so much of an advantage when you’re on the field… when you’re out there on undercover, your brain must be working so fast; know what to do at what point, at what time and that intuition thing gives us the upper hand ahead of men,” Francisca added.

Presently, very few Ghanaian women can be identified as investigative journalists with the majority pursuing soft news; a phenomenon she described as sad.

She encouraged more women to be fearless and channel their passion into the hard news, especially investigative journalism.

Listen to Francisca Enchill below: