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Women who could become President in Ghana.



Women who could become President in Ghana. 46



The political system of the country has been dominated by men over the years. But since 1992 the woman population in politics has been increasing considerably. For instance, the eight Parliament of Ghana has forty women out of the two hundred and seventy-five seats in Parliament. For the presidency, no women has ever been elected to assume the highest office of the land.

The highest level any women has attained in the political administration of the land is Speaker of Parliament. The Right Honourable Adeline Bamford-Addo is the first woman Speaker of Parliament.

Various women have aspired to become the head of state of the country. Mrs. Konadu Agymang Rawlings, Mrs. Akua Donkor and Brigitte Dzogbenuku are women who partook in the just ended 2020 General Elections, vying for the presidency. Even though they lost, sooner or later, Ghana will have a female as a head of state.

Here are some women who have the potential to become the president of the land.

1. Zanetor Rawlings;

the daughter of the first president of the fourth republic of Ghana and a current legislator for the people of Klotty-Korle Constituency. She is a trained medical doctor. Being the first child of the charismatic John Jerry Rawlings, there are many who believe she has the traits of his father in her and given how she has been able to discharge her duties as a Member of Parliament, she could one day become the president of the country.

2. Jane Nana Opoku Agymang;

she is the first female vice chancellor the nation has had. She is a former vice chancellor of the University of Cape Coast. Nana Agymang is a full professor of literature. She made history by becoming the first female running mate of the National Democratic Congress. Her calm posture and how she conducts her political activities have made her win the heart of Ghanaians.

3. Brigitte Dzogbenuku;

She is a former beauty queen who won Miss Ghana in 1990. Brigitte is one of the few women who have contested for the presidency in the history of the country. She contested on the ticket of the Progressive People’s Party in the 2020 General Elections. She is a woman with many aspirations and showed her prowess in the economy in various encounters she had in the ran up to the elections.

will you vote for a woman to become president of the country? Hit us with your comments in the comments section.