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You have done a lot of damage – Mensah Otabil boldly declares.



You have done a lot of damage - Mensah Otabil boldly declares. 46



The founder and leader of international central gospel church, pastor Mensah Otabil speaks once again and this time he is not joking about safety and protection of Ghanaians in total. Mostly, his speech or sermons receive several reactions from Ghanaians and this is why he is regarded all the time.

Pastor Mensah Otabil speaking this evening said he is aware of most of the sufferings of Ghanaians but there is always a reason for whatever happens to every individual. Mensah Otabil stated that the spiritual warfare of most people in the country is not a priority and this is why many are not seeing themselves in the state they wished they would see themselves.

Sometimes you won’t realize the importance of catering for your spiritual warfare until you realize you have done a lot of damage to it and to your chances of allowing the flow of God’s blessings upon your life- Mensah Otabil said.


He further urged all Ghanaians who were watching him as he spoke to his church members to think more of God and what he can do for them as individuals than anyone. He even went ahead to state that there’s no human on this earth who can successfully manage the affairs of a country or of a group of people without the intervention of God.