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You must change – Kennedy Agyapong speaks on the country’s development.



You must change – Kennedy Agyapong speaks on the country’s development. 46



Kennedy Agyapong sends another powerful message to Ghanaians and this time he claims there is no other better explanation and advice to give Ghanaians because he said it all and Ghanaians have heard it all.

The disappointment from Ghanaians sometimes is overwhelming and discouraging to the development and progress of this country.

Ghanaians are mostly blasting the president for doing this today or doing that tomorrow and this is because most Ghanaians are not ready to change from their ways.

Even though the country needs fixing to some extent, this will only be possible if the country and the people in it decide to show more interest in development than being selfish and blaming someone for not making it.

You must change from these habits because they’re becoming dangerous to the development of this country. Ghanaians must first change their attitudes rather than blaming the president each time even when he’s trying his best to put the shattered government he came to meet back together- Kennedy said this whiles stating that Nana Addo is a treasure.

Kennedy claims until the individual Ghanaian decides to stop throwing refuse anywhere and bullying or refusing to be hardworking, the smallest change cannot be made at these basic level. These words were to send some warning to Ghanaians on how dangerous these mindsets and activities could be.