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5 Best s3x Positions for women who only lays there.



5 Best s3x Positions for women who only lays there. 51



It’s not fair she lays there. Boring. Unmoving.

It’s like sinking into a tight hole in the mattress.

Your date doesn’t sit up to grab your back. Take over from under you. You don’t get a minute to enjoy the pleasure as much as your crush. You do all the thrusting.

It’s in some women’s DNA to be the princess. Classy and restrained.

These women don’t know how to let themselves get wild and take over. It reduces the experience for you, too. You want her to take a turn on top. You want it to match your fantasies and have her hips meet your thrusts.

But sometimes it’s not like this in the bedroom.

Here is how you can have an exciting, sexy time even though you’re doing all the work.


Spooning is great for women. Most like to cuddle. So, it’s an excellent starting position to have your date feel comfortable.

And of course, her face gets turned away from you.

I will say this can help the woman be less self-conscious about her body and the experience. You can have her climax or get close to her orgasm in this position.

It might be hard to reach her clit, especially if you are not left-handed.

If she goes wild, you can transition into Doggy style. If not, have a nice, lazy motion going from the back.

Flipped Missionary

You will have the woman on her stomach propped up by a pillow.

You’re still doing all the work. But you have the pleasure of watching yourself go in and out. You also have control of the situation.

If your lady is a talker, this move is one way to keep her quiet. Or reduce her words to moans. So you can focus on getting the job done.

You might also feel gripped a little tighter at this angle.

5 Best s3x Positions for women who only lays there. 52


It’s like the cowgirl. The difference is you are on top.

The position is a little awkward at first. The woman is on her back with her knees up. Then you climb over and straddle her, resting your bum on her knees.

This body placement can feel less laborious than the missionary style.


This sex position is splendid for penetration and blow jobs.

It’s a minimal effort position for the woman because she is on her back. You again have more control, given that you’re upright.

You would bring her body to the edge of the bed as you stand or kneel. Then, you apply a rhythm you are both comfortable with at that moment.

Bathroom Playtime

Memes make jokes about how long men last. Yet, some women dislike being on top. Or can’t last long in this position because:

  • Their knees or back hurt after a short while.
  • The placement of hands and knees feels awkward.
  • They feel more anxious about their body.

But you crave the experience of having her on top.

The solution? Run a bath. You climb in behind her. Or she steps into the water over you. Either way, you are on the bottom, and she’s on top.

While you thrust, she can touch herself to make the scene hotter.

If you don’t have a bathtub, you can do her from behind in the shower against a clean wall. There are many surfaces in a bathroom. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and get creative.

Having her lay down unmoving isn’t the sexiest scenario. But it could help you last longer. Plus, you can control the pace of the intimate moment.