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Why former sex worker ditched husband to return to the streets will shock you.



Why former sex worker ditched husband to return to the streets will shock you. 49



A self-professed former hooker has confessed to dumping her husband so that she could resume her old profession.

The woman is arguing that she misses the excitement of her old life and now finds it difficult and boring when it comes to non-professional intercourse.

Sunday News reports that Anele Ncube initially ditched her job as a deli worker to become a lady of the night.

She later quit the world’s oldest profession after meeting someone on the job

However, it seems that she is failing to adjust to regular life. She now finds intimacy dreary and seems attracted to the excitement and lure of her old life.

Speaking to the weekly publication, Anele said,

“When I met my live-in-partner, I was a hooker. I had quit my job with a local deli and began selling my body to the highest bidder in town. While working at a local club which has high class clients, I sort of became this one guy’s regular and we got close.

“He then asked me to move in with him and stop prostitution, but I insisted that he must show his commitment to me first. And to prove his commitment to me, he paid three months’ rentals for me for a full house, and we became a couple. A few months later, I fell pregnant, and we now have a three-year-old daughter together.”

According to the publication, Anele initially started having hook-ups with other men to compensate for her unexciting sexual life. She later began charging men for sex.

However, Malvern is not yet ready to give up on the relationship. After finding out about Anele’s escapades, he suggested that the couple should try new things to save their marriage.