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Abeiku Santana’s tattoos you may not have seen before.



Abeiku Santana's tattoos you may not have seen before. 49



Abeiku Santana spends 25 years in the media industry

Media personality interviews Kwadwo Sheldon

Craze for tattoos on the rise

Although some celebrities unreluctantly display their tattoos, some have for some reasons best known to them refused to flaunt theirs despite how nice or significant the figure or design is.

In a recent interview Abeiku Santana conducted which had Kwadwo Sheldon as a guest, the popular radio and television presenter wore a shirt that revealed his inked body.

The likes of Black Sherif, and Stephanie Benson have recently been in the news for showcasing their tattoos. In the case of Stephanie Benson, she disclosed that she decided to tattoo her stomach to hide the stretch marks on her tummy after five babies.

Abeiku Santana‘s tattoo is placed on his left arm. It is, however, unknown how long he has had his arm inked, what informed his decision and what the tattoo means to him.

Arguably one of the most revered broadcasters in the country, Abeiku Santana’s 25 years in the media started as an Assistant Programs Manager at Radio Z in Koforidua.

He later moved to Radio Mercury where he worked as a Deputy Programs Manager from 1991 to 2001. From 2001 to 2002, he served as a radio drive time host for Ash FM 101.1 in Kumasi.

In 2002, he moved to the Multimedia Broadcasting Group as a Radio host and later rose to become Head of Music programs and Events Promotion Coordinator until he left in 2010 to join the Despite Media Group’s Okay FM.