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Bawumia should bow his head in shame – Abeiku Santana (VIDEO).



Bawumia should bow his head in shame - Abeiku Santana (VIDEO). 56



Abeiku Santana has expressed his disappointment in the government for neglecting the genuine concerns of Ghanaians on the passage of the E-Levy bill.

Widespread criticism of the government started growing in the country after Parliament approved on Tuesday the controversial electronic transaction tax, which the government says will help raise $900m in much-needed revenue.

The E-levy bill, passed on Tuesday, will introduce a 1.5 percent tax on electronic money transfers and transactions.

President Nana Akufo-Addo has said the move will help address problems from unemployment to the country’s high public debt.

But for many Ghanaians, the tax represents yet another burden as living costs heightened by soaring fuel prices due to the Ukraine crisis piles even more pressure.

Abeiku Santana who was a panel member on yesterday’s United Showbiz mentioned that he was disappointed in Vice President Mahamadu Bawumia who before the 2020 election mentioned that his government won’t tax mobile money transaction since it will have a massive impact on the population.

But two years down the lane the same tax he boldly declared won’t be introduced has now been passed into law.

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