Amidu’s office is manifesto promise – NPP

DGN Online further presents other manifesto promises that the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has so far fulfilled over the last four years of being in power.

Prior to the 2016 general elections, the NPP made a number of pledges.
And although the opposition National Democratic Congress has to discredit the NPP’s government’s achievements, checks show that the party has indeed executed or fulfilled a significant number of its 2016 manifesto promises, hence not deserving of the 14% scorecard presented by the NDC.

In fulfillment of its manifesto promises, the NPP Government has set up the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

It has also created the Western North Region and five other regions bringing to 16 the number of regions in the country, reformed and revived the National Buffer Stock, shifted the focus of economic management from taxation to production, reduced the rate of government’s borrowing and reduced interest rates to spur private sector investment and growth.

It has also set up the middle belt development authority and the coastal belt development authority, bring the development authorities to three.

Also, the party has restructured SADA and turned it into Northern Development Authority.

It has ensured the passage of the Right To Information Bill, delivered governance, corruption and public accountability.



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