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Believe in me for a new Ghana – GUM Flagbearer




Reverend Christian Kwabena Andrews, Flagbearer of the Ghana Association Development (GUM) for political decision 2020, has vowed to fabricate another, prosperous and trained Ghana under his authority, and along these lines approaches Ghanaians to have confidence in him for the errand.

Ghana after freedom in 1957 was hailed as a rich West African country, quick creating, the quiet and sparkling star of Africa under the authority of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah until his topple in 1966 by the upset plotters.

Despite the fact that progressive governments have gained some consistent ground in balancing out Ghana’s political scene, specialists accept that very little had been done in building a dynamic economy and changing financial existences of the individuals, leaving dominant part amazing in degraded neediness and hardship.

In a discourse on GUM 2020 smaller than usual show, named: “Another Ghana,” Fire up Andrews, who is additionally the Originator of GUM, said Ghana’s political pioneers, after Dr Kwame Nkrumah, have presented the nation to neediness, underdevelopment, instability, exemption, self-centeredness, nepotism, the champ brings home all the glory, over-acquiring, debasement, double dealing and rottenness.

After basically following and evaluating governments in the fourth republic till now, he said these and numerous other negative traits were the recognizable signs of Ghana.

“With all our common and HR that we have, the outcome is the difficulty we face today,” he stated, as progressive governments, incorporating those in power today, consistently guarantee Ghanaians a superior life to win their hearts and votes however “the outcome is consistently an unfortunate story.

” “What we need presently is a change, an all out change, a superior difference as a main priority and government for ‘Another Ghana’.

” The 2020 smaller than expected statement of GUM features a few topical zones that guarantee to turnaround Ghana’s financial, political and social structure in another Ghana it tries to manufacture.

As indicated by the statement, it will be another Ghana with solidarity and harmony, industrialization, free ports, work for all, severe checking and discipline for defilement.

Another Ghana with comprehensive government, trust in ages unborn, straightforwardness, responsibility, enormous turn of events and equity for all.

“These constructive traits are what my legislature will provide for the great individuals of Ghana and my administration will never yield to guaranteeing that Ghanaians get what they merit,” Fire up Andrews said.

“That is, acceptable existence with the advancement of our nation and flourishing.

” The gathering’s declaration address key zones of strategies and its vision, however the Flagbearer, prevalently known as Osofo Kyiriabosom, demonstrated that not all things be caught in this single record.

What’s more, included, “Ghana merits better and I make a serious guarantee to Ghanaians that a decision in favor of the Ghana Association Development and a decision in favor of Christian Kwabena Andrews in 2020 races is a decision in favor of a superior change.

Put stock in the Master and trust in me for another Ghana.

” Remarking on the odds of GUM as another political to win Ghana’s 2020 vital surveys, a political specialist, Fire up LBK Trotsky, expressed that Ghanaians were tired of the untruths, misleading and collected disappointments of NPP and NDC.

He said their rehashed bombed battle guarantees and over-obtaining and obligation to the IMF were not, at this point maintainable and would be a central factor to break their predominance in the nation’s administration since the fourth republic.

“Fire up Andrews will make our nation Ghana pleased again through each part of advancements and industrialization – building up Ghana’s framework and building a dynamic economy,” he included.

“Throughout the years, Ghanaians have been weeping for somebody to come and spare Ghana and this is the time God has addressed our petitions and given us GUM.

” In the interim, the gathering has asked every single qualified voter to come out and register for the new voter ID cards at the progressing enrollment, as it was the main legitimate methods, during the December decisions, to break the predominance of NPP and NDC in Ghana governmental issues.

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