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Popular Catholic priest impregnates 30 nuns



Popular Catholic priest impregnates 30 nuns 1

Wonders they say shall never end and indeed it will never end once we still live under the sun. Every day we see and hear some strange stories that sometimes makes me wonder what world are we in…

Another shocking story our outfit has come across will leave you aghast for hours and probably for days because you least expected it to come from such a reverend individual who should have held high good moral values.

Catholic priest

A Malawian catholic priest has impregnated 30 nuns, Pope Francis has confirmed the reports for the first time.

According to Pope Francis, he revealed that priests and bishops in the Catholic Church had sexually abused nuns and that some priests have been suspended on several occasions.

Specifically, several examples came from Africa, where priests were said to have turned to nuns for sex during the spread of AIDS.

Vatican spokesperson Joaquin Navarro-Valls said, “Work is being done both on the training of people and the resolution of individual cases.”

He added, however, that some negative cases cannot let us forget the often heroic faith expressed by the large majority of those men and women in religious orders and of the clergy.”

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