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Blame NDC, NPP for challenges associated with voter’s register – Opuni Frimpong



opuni frimpong

The Chief Executive Officer of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy Africa, Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni Frimpong is blaming the two major political parties in the country for creating the challenges associated with the voter’s register.

According to him, the two leading parties, the NPP and the NDC have due to their selfish interests contributed to the issues of multiple registration, registration of minors and foreigners leading to a bloated electoral roll.

“Per the laws of our land who qualifies to vote is very clear in terms of nationality, in terms of age, in terms of residence and settlement. If we are to abide by what the laws of the land stipulate for us we shouldn’t have had trouble at all but over the years we’ve had a challenge with our voter register. In fact, if there’s one issue that is creating a problem for us, it is a credible voter register. This is where the problem is coming from.”

“There’s what we call multiple registrations; what it means is that we have individuals who may register two, three, four times, in different locations and it’s not like somebody wakes up in the morning and says he’s going to do multiple registrations, it’s been done by the various political parties, members of Parliament. They bus people and deliberately urge them to do multiple registrations. Another problem that we have, has something to do with minors, people who are below 18 years who register. Again it’s not like some innocent children wake up and say I’m underage but I’m going to register, it’s done by politicians. In this country, in this instance, it’s the two major political parties, NDC and NPP who have been creating this problem for us,” he said in a YouTube broadcast.

“The third problem we are having with the register is foreigners, non-Ghanaians who also go and register. Some are coming from Togo, Ivory Coast or Burkina Faso, again it’s the political parties that bus people who are non Ghanaians to do that now this is where we want our political parties and members of Parliament and every well-meaning Ghanaian to help that we should not fail ourselves as we go through 2020.”

The Electoral Commission till last week, faced stiff opposition with its plans to compile a new register. The major opposers, the NDC maintained the exercise was not necessary and a huge cost to the taxpayer.

They also argued that per the amendment of the Regulation 1 of the Public Elections (Registration of Voters) Regulations, 2016 (C1. 91) which grants the EC permission to accept only the Ghanaian passport and the Ghana card as source documents for proof of eligibility will cause many to be disenfranchised.

The matter ended up in the Supreme court and in a unanimous decision on Thursday,  June 25, the apex court ruled that the Electoral Commission has the power to compile a new register.

Sharing his perspectives on this, Dr Opuni Frimpong noted that the only way to produce a credible register is for every Ghanaian to be sincere and partake in the exercise when the time is due.

“We need a credible voter register but it is human beings that produce credible voter register. We can’t get it as long as we have decided consciously that we want to manipulate the system, there’s no way we’ll have a credible voter register. Demonstrations will not give us a credible voter register. The credibility of leadership first, true witness is what we’ll need to create a credible register.”

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