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Countries who pay men who marry their women.



Countries who pay men who marry their women. 49


I’m a licensed journalist and am doing an up to day report on this very topic. So to answer the question correctly, here are what I know off the top of my head. Since feminism has basically ruined women for being a “wife”, which is a very specific thing, and has a very definite lifestyle, right off the bat all the Scandinavian countries, which are overly feminist, to the point that when women complained that they couldn’t walk around their neighborhoods after a heavy snow, and redirected snow plows to plow the neighborhoods, instead of the industrial areas of the cities first, and major street arteries, all where men work, it locked down the entire city for an entire week. So, Scandinavian countries, are paying NOT ONLY for men to marry women, but even to just date women, seriously, and go on vacations, where they promise to get the women pregnant. Yes, they pay for the vacation.

A few countries in Asia, and most recently Taiwan are paying THIS YEAR for Taiwanese men to marry Taiwanese women, with proof of citizenship.

There are also countries in Africa, still STILL recovering from the ravages of slavery, where the population was decimated and they are banning homosexuality, banning travel out of the country and promoting marriage and having kids through a whole host of programs. These countries are “destinations” for white women to go have sex or even marry the young, healthy, African men.

This was in the news, when a few “innocent” European women were vacationing, and while eating on the beach, the young African men kept coming up to them and offering themselves to them. They said, they finally looked around and saw many interracial couples, African men, with white European women.

This is something their government does not want, because these men, then marry the women and leave the country.

While the same thing is almost going on with men, they do not go to marry the women. Western men, including African-American men, go to have fun with women in other countries. For women it is a different story, they go to get husbands.

Do not confuse this with men who go, specifically to marry Asians or Eastern European women, because those are singular men, with a specific purpose. The “destination” vacations are massive and there are even guides for women and men, telling them what country, what hotel, what beach, to go to.

The governments of those places do not like the “lifestyle”, but like the tourist dollars. But it doesn’t solve the population problems. “Human” resources are still the best commodity going. And that means a big thriving population.