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Election 2020: I will not waste time on Doctors and Engineers, they don’t queue to vote! – Hassan Ayariga



Election 2020: I will not waste time on Doctors and Engineers, they don’t queue to vote! – Hassan Ayariga 3

Founder and leader of the All People’s Congress (A.P.C) Dr. Hassan Ayariga has said, it would be suicidal to waste his precious time and energy on campaign activities that would not in any way yield to the benefit of his party.

According to him, many of the so-called followers and enthusiast of the two major political parties in Ghana are actually “Marketing Boys” and not real.

He revealed, most political parties would be wasting precious resources on extravagant campaigns but to no better results.

But, the APC according to him, is poised to adopt a different method altogether that would see the party make some positive strides in the upcoming 2020 General Elections.

He made these revelations in an interview with ace broadcaster Kakeeku on SIMPIESO, afternoon political talk show on Accra based Ahotor 92.3 FM and monitored by

He further stressed and stated an example of France where, a not so popular legislator, Emmanuel Macron won the general elections to become the new president of France in a time when no one seemed to care and know so much about him.

Asked whether or it’s because of the different political methods they have adopted thus making it possible for minority political parties win elections, his answer was no.

He however chipped in that, it is the subconsciousness of the people and that is his aim should he be given the chance as president of Ghana.

We’re winning at least 17 Seats, write it down!

Dr. Hassan Ayariga again explained that the All People’s Congress (APC) would snatch and win at least 17 seats in the upcoming General Elections which is slated for December 7, 2020.

So sure, was he that he told the host Kakeeku during the live radio interview that, “we have identified 31 polling stations [constituencies] that we think we have lot of opportunity and we can win at least, at least write it down, 17 seats!”

Known in private as Uriah McAbrahams. He is one of the very few courageous, bold and a "Holds-No-Bar" journalist in Ghana.

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