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Here’s what Sir John gave to his future wife in controversial Will.



Here's what Sir John gave to his future wife in controversial Will. 49



Out of some 13 private vehicles owned by the late Forest Commission Boss, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie also known as Sir John, one was Willed to a ‘non-existent’ wife.

In documents that emerged over the weekend, purported to be the Will of Sir John, it appears he made provision for a ‘future wife’ in the event that he married any before his death.

Whilst allocating vehicles to his nephews, sons, nieces and other family members, the last mention under the ‘PRIVATE VEHICLES’ portion of the document, Sir John clearly noted that upon his demise, he gives same to some 8 persons, one of whom was a ‘future wife’.

“I give my Lexus saloon car, 2019 model to any future wife that I may marry. If I should die before I marry, then the said Lexus saloon car shall be given to my nephew Kwabena Amoateng,” the Will read.

Sir John’s Will for existing Wife?

Meanwhile, the former Forest Commission Boss also made mention of one Agnes Boakye who has previously claimed to be his widow in his Will.

Despite the mention of Agnes who is also known as Akosuah Darkoah, he indicated that nothing more will be Willed to her in the event of his death because he had already made adequate provision for her while he was alive.

Sir John’s wife I have already taken care of Agnes Boakye (aka Akosuah Darkoah) during my lifetime. I have already gifted her a house at East Legon Hills, one at Kumasi and also two vehicles. I have again secured for her a store at the New Kejetia Market, all I have given to her absolutely. SHE THEREFORE HAS NO FURTHER INHERITANCE IN ANY OF MY PROPERTIES OTHER THAN WHAT I HAVE ALREADY GIVEN TO HER,” parts of the Will read.