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How Can We Fight Corruption When We Have Law Makers Who Are Corrupt, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak.



How Can We Fight Corruption When We Have Law Makers Who Are Corrupt, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak. 3

How Can We Fight Corruption When We Have Law Makers Who Are Corrupt, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak. 4

The MP for Asawase constituency who doubles as the minority chief whip, Hon. Muntaka Mubarak has revealed one secret about Parliamentarians, he thinks is affecting the country.

He said this while speaking at a forum which was organized in Parliament. He stated emphatically that more than half of Parliamentarians do not show up for sittings, but shockingly, the names of these absentees would be present in the Parliamentary attendance book. He added that the house is one of the most significant arms of government in our political dispensation and deserves maximum respect and integrity, but the actions of most MP’s is tarnishing it’s image.

He claimed, most of the members who do not show up spend working hours doing their own business, which makes the work very difficult. These were the exact words the Hon. Member said; “Even the processes that we have in the house chaired by the second division speaker, where if you have a business you have to report it to the house. The speaker set a committee so you go to defend it. ”They look at the business and the work that you do. If they are convinced that it is not going to be a conflict they give you a certificate and the speaker signs it. Many MPs don’t do it and they continue with their business,”.

He further explained, that all these were from our electoral processes, staying in Parliament has been very dangerous since it can cause you to lose your seat. That’s why most of my colleagues go to their constituencies often, moreover, “because of the way we get elected, people are not motivated to stay and learn and unfortunately those who turn to stay and learn are being discouraged, how do you go to one primaries and lose 12 chairpersons of committees, an example of what I’m saying is what happened during the NPP primaries. people who dedicate time to stay in the house to help run government business”.
Hon. Muntaka’s grievances perfectly backs the concerns which was raised by the First deputy speaker of parliament, Hon. Joseph Osei Owusu, when he said most of the members whose names were in the attendance book were not present at the house. As It was revealed, that on July 2, some absentees had their names in the votes and proceedings of which the speaker of the house was not happy about.

Speaking at JoyFm, Top Story, he said it’s time the house get an independent investigative body to fetch out all the culprits and bring them to order, or the house should be given a portal, so that they would be able to if not totally eliminate absenteeism, it would be reduced. He a “When we have a bio metric system that we use and every month, after establishing an ethics committee, if one do not have this number of hours in the month they get a deduction in salaries and beyond that abcd can happen.”

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