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How will the Russian invasion end?



How will the Russian invasion end? 56



They will occupy the entire territory of former Donetsk and Lugansk regions of (not yet former) Ukraine.

If at this point Zelensky still continues to preach WW3, they will secure a land passage from Russia to Crimea, by creating another republic on the territories of Ukraine’s Herson region and Zaporizhie region.

If Zelensky still refuses to negotiate, they will take over Odessa. If Zelensky is still fighting, they will occupy Kiev and cut out the western Ukraine. At this point they will either set up a puppet government in the eastern Ukraine (in the sense “to the east from Dnepr”) or annex it to Russia all together.

Finally, they will demand that EU or NATO occupy, annex and demilitarize the western Ukraine. Otherwise, they will probably burn it.

Everything can happen really. It was an idiotic idea to start a war.