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Who is the luckiest person on Earth?



Who is the luckiest person on Earth? 56



Seth MacFarlane, without a second doubt – the American actor and filmmaker. Mostly known as the creator of the TV series – Family Guy and American Dad.

  • Got drunk on the night of September 10, 2001, thus overslept.
  • If the above only didn’t make him lucky enough – his travel agent accidentally (in fact fortunately!) messed up his flight time which he was supposed to board on the next day.
  • He arrived only 10 minutes late to board the plane, he went to the counter but the gate was closed. Left with no option, Seth thus chose to board the next flight.
  • He went to the lounge and fell asleep. He woke up roughly 45 minutes later to the hue and cry that the very flight he was about to board if he weren’t late – Flight 11 had just crashed into the North Tower.
  • He then sat and watched the second plane hit the the South Tower.
  • He turned to the guy sitting next to him and said -“my God, that was the flight I was supposed to be on. I was late. I missed it.”