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Senior police officer’s name at headquarters goes into the book of fraudsters in Ghana.



Senior police officer’s name at headquarters goes into the book of fraudsters in Ghana. 46



Report convened has it that fraudsters have devised a way of duping the Citizens using Senior Police Officer DSP Afia Tenge’s name.

Inline with this, our portal is creating the awareness of the general public to be circumspect of the dubious act of these fraudsters using her name and many others’.

Report culled bares that criminals keep changing their modus operandi. Once the state security apparatus changes its strategies, the criminals also develop different skills to carry out their activities.

For some time, the criminals were hiding behind the mobile telecommunication companies to dupe unsuspecting Ghanaians. That strategy faded out and now armed men and car snatchers are almost everywhere in the country.

For some time now, crime is recorded in Ghana almost every day and that is a concern of many residents. But whilst the Police is busily chasing armed robbers, fraudsters are hiding behind the name of big police officers in committing serious crimes at their blind side.

One of such officers whose name is being used to dupe many people in Ghana is DSP Afia Tenge, who is the Greater Accra Regional Police Public relations officer.

She has been one of the vocal police officers in the country who keep updating the public on crime issues. She has led series of press conferences as well, but some fraudsters are also busily creating social media accounts with her name.

In a revelation made by Kwaku Annan on NET 2 Television’s The Seat Show, he indicated that some persons have created an account on Facebook with the name and pictures of DSP Afia Tenge. They chat with their victims with promises of offering them loans. They have chips that are registered with the name of DSP Afia Tenge where persons who fall victims to their strategies send monies to.

“They have issued a SIM card in the Name of Madam Afia Tenge, and they are using her name to commit criminal activities. They present themselves as police officers”. Kwaku Annan Indicated.

But how these armed robbers are able to get the SIM cards and register them in the name of a top police officer like DSP Afia Tenge is a mystery begging to be unraveled.

In Ghana, registration of SIM Cards requires a valid ID card but these fraudsters are able to use the names of others. We do not want to believe that some staff of the telecommunication companies are behind these fraudsters. But if that is the case, then we still have a long way to go as a country.

An affected woman whose name was given as Vida has already been duped with an amount of GHC 630. She was promised a loan at the Police Headquarters through a Facebook chat and had to pay the money to one Brian William who is also positioned as an officer at the office of DSP Afia Tenge.

“I needed a container and they promised to help me with a loan. They were chatting me with an account that had the name of DSP Afia Tenge and her picture so I sent money for processing of the loan. The name that appeared was Brian William but after sending, they have refused to pick my calls”. Vida indicated.

Since these fraudsters keep changing their strategies, residents must be very vigilant in how they deal with people especially on social media. The Police must also up their game in clamping down on these fraudsters. And to the Telecommunication companies, their systems need improvement to avoid criminals from hiding behind them to commit heinous crimes.