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Taxi driver attaches hand washing device he invented to his car



Taxi driver attaches hand washing device he invented to his car 46

A local Ghanaian taxi driver simply identified as Joe has created an ingenious hand-washing invention for passengers to help avoid the spread of COVID-19 in the car.

In a brief interview on the personal handle of Vivian Kai Lokko, the gentleman demonstrated how the device works automatically without any form of contact with the hand.

Interestingly, when asked what his level of education was to be able to propound such an amazing solution, Joe mentioned that he could not even make it to high school

According to the taxi driver, he had to combine lots of miscellaneous items and could not immediately estimate how much it would cost to replicate the process on another car.

The device comprises a water outlet that is attached to the side of the car which oozes out water when triggered from the driver’s side but Joe said he could easily replace that system with a sensor.

It is thought that when this invention is commercialized, it would help a lot to contain the spread of COVID-19 especially now that Ghanaians freely move about their normal activities despite the pandemic.

Many people could not hide their reactions after seeing the video.

Senyo Joseph Setsoaf said something like this is not even in foreign movies.