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What Kufuor told Captain Smart when the latter was moving to Accra.



What Kufuor told Captain Smart when the latter was moving to Accra. 49



Blessed Godsbrain Captain Smart, the suspended Morning Show host of Angel FM of Accra, has recalled the advice former President John Agyekum Kufuor gave him when he, Smart, decided to move from Kumasi to Accra on account of a new job.

Speaking on ‘The KSM Show’ monitored by GhanaWeb, Captain Smart noted that the former President advised him to be prudent in spending so that he can build his own house in order not for him to be evicted by his landlord.

“When I got the offer to come to Accra, I visited former President Kufuor and told him that I am coming to Accra. He gave me his usual look and told me that if I wanted to go to Accra, then I should be very careful. There are different kinds of women in Accra and there is money in Accra, but try and build a house when you get the money so that you can get where to sleep at the end of the day, else you will be very hungry and your landlord will evict you from his house,” Captain Smart told KSM.

He added that the advice of former President Kufuor has stuck with him for a very long time.

“So coming to Accra, I had that at the back of my mind. When you go to Adom FM and you ask, they will tell you they were calling me cocaine jeans; I wore a pair of jeans trousers for one year….,” Smart stated.

He explained that whenever his colleagues asked why he was not going to change his jeans, he told them that whenever he decides to change what he is wearing, he must wear a new one which can purchase a bag of cement so, “I won’t change my trousers”.

Smart stated that he does not want to be seen as building his house in some people’s stomach so he will rather invest in building his own house rather than building a house in people’s stomach, referencing the huge expenses that come with living in Accra.

Captain Smart who was responding to the description of him being a stomach journalist said, “any journalist without a stomach is a fake journalist”.

“If you are a journalist, you must have the stomach to accommodate wisdom; If you are a journalist, you must have the stomach to accommodate intelligence, facts and move on. If you call me a stomach journalist, I look at you and laugh,” he explained further.

Smart claims that he decided not to beg any politician in Ghana for anything when a politician friend showed him a text message from a colleague journalist begging for money.

“That day is when I decided not to beg a politician again because if you want to stand up to the African politician, you must be independent. If you cannot be independent, don’t touch the African politician,” he stressed.