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Akuapem Poloo’s son uttered just one word after seeing his mother in the mews – Poloo’s mother reveals.



akuapem poloo



Akuapem Poloo’s Mother has revealed that Akuapem Poloo’s Son Uttered Just One Word After Seeing His Mother In The News on TV. After that, he has refused to talk. The woman made this known in an interview yesterday as she wept on the phone.

The woman Explained that, when the boy saw his mother on tv, he called her ” the grandmother” to look at his mother on tv. Because they were speaking English on the TV, the boy couldn’t understand what they said.

However, luck eluded them when he watched one of the Akan TV stations and heard what has happened. Since then, the traumatized boy has refused talk to anybody. He has been crying intermittently seeking to see his mother.

The woman begged the court to tamper justice with mercy for the sake of her son. She begged the court to have mercy on them because they have nobody.