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Nana Akufo Addo is the most Corrupt, Nepotistic and Nonperforming President ever! – Ahmadu Sorogho



Nana Akufo Addo is the most Corrupt, Nepotistic and Nonperforming President ever! - Ahmadu Sorogho 1

A Former Member of Parliament for Madina, Alhaji Bukari Ahmadu Sorogho has said, in all of the country’s history, the Akuffo – Addo, NPP II led administration would go down the memory lane as the most corrupt and nonperforming government ever.

“My own friend Nana Akufo Addo’s Government is just too big and full of family and friends which is poisonous for the country’s growth and what kills me most is his ‘clearing agent’ attitude whenever a scandal is spotted among his appointees. What at all is he doing to himself and to Ghana”? He Questioned.

According to the former legislator, he is only being candid and not indulging in the usual politicking that politicians of both divides, the NDC and the NPP have always been noted for. He posited, the first gentleman of the land has always been a good friend of his and up until today, he always remembers him in prayers and would always do but, would also advice that he retires from the presidency during the upcoming general elections slated for December 7, 2020.

“Nana Akufo Addo has always been a friend of mine and I know just what he wanted in life, to become a president. Now you’ve been but have failed to perform par the normal mark, so just go and retire before governing this country takes the little achievement you have chalked as president from you”

Alhaji Ahmadu Sorogho recounted how under the late President Prof. John Evans Atta Mills and prior to that as MP struggled to secure a land for the construction of the Madina Hospitals which has upon its completion last year been renamed the Ga East Hospital. The $41 million 100-bed facility, which is a turnkey project, is the second to be completed out of the nine ‘Ghana Hospitals Project’ initiated in 2008.

Speaking on SIMPIESO afternoon political talk show on Accra – Tema – Lashibi based AHOTOR 92.3 FM hosted by Kakeeku, Alhaji Ahmadu Sorogho used the occasion and wished all Muslims in the country a happy Eid and urged them to fully partake in the ongoing voter registration exercise in order to change the very fortunes of the country by reinstating former President John Mahama for a much better Ghana.

Known in private as Uriah McAbrahams and in Showbiz circles as Kakeeku. He is one of the very few courageous and bold journalist who for the past 18 years as broadcaster, wouldn't mince words at all when it comes to pointing out the ills in any government or regime hence his nickname Kakeeku. He is an entrepreneur and co-owns KOOL BROADCASTING L.L.C operators of the KOOL HD brands of FTA /Satellite TV platforms globally. He has worked with almost all the big media brands in the country except Despite Media. He currently host the afternoon political radio talk show on Accra based Ahotor 92.3 FM of the Universal Multimedia Company Ltd

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