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Anal S3x, Bl0w Job And LGBTQI+ Are All The Same – Says Afia Pokuaa.



Anal S3x, Bl0w Job And LGBTQI+ Are All The Same - Says Afia Pokuaa. 46



Despite Media broadcaster and host of ”Egyaso Gyaso” on Okay FM, Afia Pokuaa has spat venom on Ghanaians opposing the LGBTQ+ community.

Talks about either legalizing or criminalizing homosexuality in Ghana have since become one that the country’s leaders and many Ghanaians cannot agree over.

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has pledged not to legalize homosexuality but there seems to be a turf war over whether or not to criminalize homosexual activities.

Social media has gone ablaze over the topic with some known celebrities like Vanessa Deborah, Wanlov, Lydia Forson among others blasting the country’s legislators, specifically Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam George, who has publicly stood for the criminalization of homosexuality, thus the LGBTQ+ community.

Parliament is also working on an anti-homosexual bill to outlaw homosexual or LGBTQ+ practices and culprits to face a jail sentence.

But Afia Pokuaa, on her programme, has called out the hypocrisy of those against LGBTQ+ acts stressing most of the opponents engage in anal sex with ladies and to her, this is equally homosexual.

She added that ladies who give their spouses or partners ”blow job” as well as husbands who cheat on their wives are all the same as homosexuals.

”Stop the hypocrisy. Just within this week, a case about a mother of three children who her husband wants to have anal sex with her was reported to me. So, the husband is sodomizing the woman in the house but this same man will demonize homosexuality…How did slay queen become business today in Ghana? Demand and supply, it goes together. Men won’t stay with their wives but go after young girls.

”…The Bible says remove the plank in your eye before you remove the log in somebody’s. You don’t take care of your children but will spend on slay queens, send them to Dubai” but will turn around to condemn homosexuals, ”let’s stop the hypocrisy. Don’t go and have anal sex with girls and turn around to condemn LGBT. Stop it; they are all the same…We are all the same as LGBT. We don’t have big or small sin. They are all same sin. It’s immoral!”, she fumed.