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Here’s why McBrown can’t effectively use her right hand.



nana ama mcbrown



Once a very vibrant and expressive personality, versatile actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist and brand influencer, Nana Ama McBrown now feels a tad limited as she is unable to do things she previously catered for effortlessly.

Although she has tried to adjust to the changes, things are quite not the same.

The celebrated movie star, who is also a wife and a mother told GhanaWeb that she is extra cautious when she has to use her right arm to perform duties or certain things that she normally would have loved to do.

A ghastly accident that nearly maimed her for life in 2013 on the George Walker Bush N1 Highway has left a perpetual reminder in the form of metal fittings in her right arm to hold her bones which got broken during the accident.

“I don’t want to go through this again, but every day I go through it… not long ago I fell down again and I broke my arm…

“…I wish I was not in this situation… it’s just up to me to know that it has come to live with me… nobody can understand the pain, the way it’s so uncomfortable and how it has stopped me from a lot of things.

“I used to ride a bike but I can’t ride it now…. I’m afraid I’ll fall again… I use to play lawn tennis, that’s my favourite game… I was going to go back and I fell again, so now I can’t go back,” she intimated in an interview on GhanaWeb’s Road Safety Campaign.

Now the host of popular weekly television programme, United Showbiz on UTV, Nana Ama McBrown has admonished all and sundry to observe and obey road safety rules while they control their speed to save their lives.