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I get a warning or pay $100 when police in Ghana stop me – Steve Harvey (VIDEO).



I get a warning or pay $100 when police in Ghana stop me - Steve Harvey (VIDEO). 49



American television host and writer, Steve Harvey has described Ghana as one of the safest countries in Africa for Black people.

Detailing his experience in the West African state, he noted that unlike in the United States of America where there are daily reports of police shooting Blacks in a stopover, it is rare to have a police officer in Ghana shoot a driver when they pull them over.

According to Steve, in all the instances he encountered Ghanaian police, he was never harassed or felt threatened; he either received a warning or paid an amount of hundred dollars without any hustle.

“When I’m in Ghana and get stopped by the police, guess what I get? I get a warning, a ticket or I give him a $100 and I drive off… I have never, since I got there seen on the news or nothing that somebody got pulled over by the police and got shot. They don’t shoot you in Africa,” Steve disclosed in an interview with ‘Earn Your Leisure’.

The celebrated American host added that Africa is home to all and urged his people to pay a visit to the beautiful continent.

“I think it is beneficial for us to go back home. America is my home but Africa is my homeland. Me going to Africa is like going to a place called home that I’ve never been to. When you land in Africa, you immediately feel good. It is a place I get to walk around and am good all the time because the majority of the people look just like me everywhere I go…people don’t understand how rich of a continent Africa is,” he said.

Ghana’s Year of Return in 2019, witnessed Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie Harvey stepping their feet on its soil. The couple visited some historic sites including the Elmina Castle and Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.

Watch Steve’s interview below: