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‘I wanted to die’ – Funny Face recounts in an emotional interview (VIDEO).



‘I wanted to die’ – Funny Face recounts in an emotional interview (VIDEO). 56



Ghanaian comic actor, Funny Face, has said the depressive episode he encountered months ago almost caused him to lose his life.

According to him, during that time he had no reason to live.

“I was depressed. I thought I would die; I wanted to die.”

In an interview with Delay, he pointed out that, the situation was triggered by the split of his marriages and the subsequent loss of access to his twins.

“I think when you go through a divorce, you need to heal first before you go into the next relationship. Or not just through divorce. When you go through a broken relationship, you need to heal. Because if you don’t heal and you get into the next relationship, you are just sitting on a time bomb; it will blow.”

The comedian made it clear that he “didn’t heal” from his first divorce before he remarried.

As a result of this accumulated tension within him, he had a psychotic episode after the second split.

He, therefore, urged everyone to be cautious about being too emotionally attached to anything.

“I will use this medium to caution people who get too much emotionally attached to something. When that thing is not there anymore, it will affect you. In this case, I was so emotionally attached to my girls.”

He recounted that during the time he was receiving treatment, he wasn’t focused on fighting for his consciousness as he should have. However, when his situation grew worse and he realized there are people who look up to him, he mustered courage to fight for his mental health.

“If you are being treated to regain consciousness and you’ve not understood the fact that you have to fight it and help yourself to be helped,” the situation will persist, he said.

Apologizing again to football star, Adebayor, CEO of EIB, Bola Ray, Father Dickson and all the people he verbally abused during that period, Funny Face said he wanted words of encouragement from them but because he didn’t receive that, he started insulting them.

“When you are depressed, you need a word of hope. You expect someone to encourage and console you. No, I was not myself. I want to use your platform to apologize to them again. Bola Ray and his mother, Father Dickson and Adebayor.”

He said that if he had been “patient” and listened to advice what happened could have been prevented.

“I don’t blame anyone for what I went through. Because Adebayor, Bola Ray and Father Dickson advised me but at that time, you wouldn’t hear any advice because of the depression.”

“So, I’m really sorry. To anybody I said a word against, to Ghana police. I accept the fact that I caused everything. I beg Ghanaians.”

“Everything that I have been through in the past 2 years is buried. So, this is the new me. I have been back for about 6 months. Have you heard any untoward thing I’ve said?”, he asked Delay.