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Let’s uproot ‘filibustering’ Asiedu Nketia, he’s built nothing – Adom-Otchere.



Let’s uproot ‘filibustering’ Asiedu Nketia, he’s built nothing – Adom-Otchere. 46



Paul Adom-Otchere says the NDC General Secretary has been filibustering all over the place because he failed the party supporters in representing the party at the Supreme Court, when the flagbearer of the party, John Dramani Mahama, challenged the 2020 electoral outcome at the Supreme Court.

He indicated that the NDC scribed eroded the hopes that Ghanaians imposed in the opposition NDC during the Election Petition by what he describes as embarrassing the party at the Supreme Court.

“This is the man who has made John Mahama’s party a laughing stock. After the election, many people were sufficiently impressed with the performance of the NDC and John Mahama because going into the 2020 elections, they were not given that chance, Johnson Asiedu Nketia eroded all these impressions by embarrassing himself in court, clutching at straws and talking palm wine talk in the court,” Adom-Otchere said as part of the editorial of his bi-weekly political talk show on TV.

He claims that when Johnson Asiedu Nketia was asked during the Election Petition about the figures of the results which the party has collated, his response that he did not have the figures from his party lost the petition for the party.

Adom-Otchere stated that as a General Secretary for so many years, Asiedu Nketia is under pressure and he has not built anything but rather wants to take advantage of the system.

He said as a leader and General Secretary, he contributed to the loss of the 2016 and 2020 elections for the NDC.

“These are the kinds of politicians that we need to uproot from the leadership of our major political parties. Politicians who built nothing, who wants to take advantage of things; these are the kinds of politicians,” Paul Adom-Otchere stressed.

He further argued that for close to twenty years, he [Adom-Otchere] has built the longest TV current affairs talk show aside from Talking Point on GTV and he can challenge Asiedu Nketia to it.

“Johnson Asiedu Nketia, when you watch him in the court situation, does he look like somebody that we should really take seriously? Look at the way he was answering the question; where are your figures, my Lord, I have not brought it to court… Johnson Asiedu Nketia an experienced politician, he has been a politician for 200 years; these are the politicians we need to deal with,” he noted.