Men and women: the line between!


Men and women differ in so many ways; there are obvious physical differences in size and anatomy. But the two genders are not only separated by boobs and balls- there are other distinct features that draw a line between them.
There are psychological features, some of which stir arguments whenever talked about as to whether or not they stem from innate and biological causes or social and cultural causes. Thus; are men and women really born different or is it society that shapes them into the way they are or both? Well, different people have different viewpoints on this subject and we are going to look at a few of them;

Boys/men are more likely to take risks.
It is the view of many that females are more fearful than males are, and this starts right from infancy. A study was conducted in Missouri where kids rode a stationary bicycle while watching a hyper-realistic simulation.
The research reports that when these kids were confronted with a hazard, the boys were much slower to break than the girls, and boys also reported feeling excited during a simulated collision, even though they risked getting injured. The girls, on the other hand reported feeling fearful.

Females are more verbally expressive of their emotions than males are.
Women/girls open up the more with their feelings; happiness, sadness, anger, frustrations, etc. they tell you what they feel, when they feel them. Some opine that this is encouraged by societal norms but scientists say it is a simple case of brain difference. A study conducted in Germany concluded that both positive and negative emotions are processed differently in males and females post puberty.

Is it therefore surprising that, women would want to get to the bottom of it but men would rather not talk about it? This study therefore suggests that it is completely okay that most men would rather avoid contact with sometimes even the closest people in their lives when they are going through a rough time. Maybe we therefore cut them some slack when they get too silent on their feelings; after all, they are wired that way.

Males are more likely to overestimate their ability.
So this guy I came across tried helping out a lady colleague when the lady couldn’t lift a table in the office she was asked to reposition. Now he being a man thought she couldn’t lift the very heavy, brown, wooden table because she was a lady. It turns out she couldn’t lift it simply because it was not a table for one person to lift up. Though most men naturally are physically stronger than most women, men nonetheless overrate their ability to do things sometimes.

Men pursue, women are pursued
This is so much so that, in some societies, women who change the widely accepted norm and pursue the men, rather than been pursued by them are deemed to be embarrassing womanhood. They are called names-some very unpalatable. Men are supposed to do the wooing, arguably in all cultures.

Men are attracted to youth & beauty, while women are attracted to status.
This is pretty simple. Most young ladies in our society today would much rather date politicians, footballers, business moguls, ‘celebrities’ to mention a few while the men would much rather go for the young pretty damsels. Slay queens, as some are referred to.

Differences with the love feeling
Various researches indicate that when a man is in love, dopamine mixes with testosterone and vasopressin. But in the case of a woman, it rather mixes with estrogen and oxytocin. Other studies tell us, the sexual fantasies of a man, are almost purely visual, while a woman’s often include romance.
These are but a few of the conditions that tend to draw the distinct line between men and women. So maybe next time, you might want to give that man/woman a break for the way they tend to behave. It is how they are wired after all.

By Suraiya Malititi.

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