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My Husband Has Been Sleeping With His Mom Since 2 Years Of Our Marriage.



My Husband Has Been Sleeping With His Mom Since 2 Years Of Our Marriage. 3

A young lady has taken to Facebook to seek advice for her elder sister Who is married with no kids for two years.

According to her, before her sister got married to her husband, she knew her mother-in-law was staying with him but she never complained because he was his only child.

She further stated that, after they returned from their honeymoon she realized her mother-in-law was sleeping in the master bedroom and when she confronted her husband he told her that they have been sleeping in the master bed, on the same bed so she should pack her things and move to another room.

She said apart from the sex they had at they honeymoon, the husband has not had sex with her sister for two years or eaten her food.

He only eats his mother’s food and they bath together.

My Husband Has Been Sleeping With His Mom Since 2 Years Of Our Marriage. 4


Good evening Auntie Abena.

My elder sister really needs advice from you and your audience.

She’s been married for 2 years now with no child. Her husband built his own house before they got married. She knew her mother in law was staying in her husband’s house but she didn’t complain since he’s the woman’s only son.

After returning from honeymoon, she moved into her husband’s house only for her mother in law to tell her that she’s been staying with her son all his life so whether she’s married to him or not, nothing was going to change in the house. My sister said okay not knowing what the woman meant by that so she went to the Master bedroom to unpack her clothes only to find out that her mother in law’s clothes and everything was in the Masters bedroom with her husband’s own. She was confused and called her husband.

He husband told her that he’s been sleeping with his mother on the same bed all his life. He’s married though but that’s not going to change so my elder sister should take her things to another room.

After 2 years of marriage, her husband has never slept with her apart from when they were on their honeymoon. He shares the same room and same bed with his mom and even baths with her

He’s never eaten my sister’s food bcoz his mom always prepares food for him and whenever my sister complains, he tells her that it has been like that all his life and he can’t abandon his mom.
2 years in this is enough for my sister so she said she wants to get a divorce but my family is still pushing her into the marriage bcoz the husband is rich and support the family in any way he can.

She complained to their pastor too but her husband told the pastor that my sister hates his mother that’s why she complained. She really needs advice on what to do.

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